TCS Courier Tracking provides live updates about TCS Courier Tracking. Enter TCS tracking number in above field and click on Track Button. You will see complete details of Shipment. We are providing all branches, service centre and all business locations of TCS Checking. TCS contact numbers, emails, cities and shipment rates, live packet tracking are also mentioned below. Our mission is to provide simple, efficient and fast package tracking solution to track all courier shipments.

UAN: +92 21 111 123 456      Official Website:

How do I track my TCS tracking?

TCS tracking is anything but not a difficult task to take care of. In the event that you need to follow your shipment, you need to realize your following number. The following number is composed on the receipt that you get at the hour of booking shipment. Follow this means.

  • Enter your shipment, parcel tracking number
  • Click on “Track Now
  • You will get the area of your package/shipment

The TCS number is composed on the receipt that you get from the TCS official at the hour of booking. With the assistance of the following number, you can follow your bundles.

TCS CN Consignment

The following number is composed underneath the QR code on the receipt. It is composed of the word CN and afterward, after CN, there are not many numbers. Those numbers are your following numbers.

5 Easiest Way To Track Your TCS Shipment

Follow these 5 steps, so you can track your order, and shipment easily.

1- TCS via Website

Official Website:

Is there any issue with the TCS package? You can determine this by reaching the TCS helpline number, 111-123-456. Because of the non-accessibility of the web in some regions of Pakistan, it is easy to follow our messengers, and you can track your dispatch by calling the helpline.

2- Through SMS

The simplest method for following the TCS bundle is through SMS administration. You want to follow the means beneath to check your bundle and its area and appearance subtleties.

  • To begin with, open your versatile message application.
  • Compose the got following number of the shipment in it.
  • Make an impression on 923332177168

In the wake of informing, you will get an answer from TCS with complete insights concerning your shipment.

3- Through Site 

The most ordinarily utilized technique is to visit the TCS following site connect. After opening the site page, you will see the track and follow search bar, where you can type the next number and snap “Track.” In the subsequent stage, you will get the total subtleties of your shipment.

4- Through Email

The third method for following it is to follow the TCS bundle by email by sending a mail with your following number to the TCs official email ([email protected]) given to you. Requires.

A reaction from the organization might expect you to remember more insights regarding your request for the message box. When you send the email, you will get an answer with more data not long from now.

5- Through TCS Helpline

If you can’t follow the shipment because of any of the above strategies and are allowed to call, you can do your TCS following by reaching the authority helpline number. You should call 92 21 111-123-156 and give your following number to the agent. A client care delegate will share your bundle subtleties with you.

International Customer Care Tracking Number Format

Export tracking on a global scale:

  • 2 letters, 9 numbers, and the letter GB (e.g. AA123456789GB)
  • 12 digits (e.g. 123456789012)
  • Import tracking on a global scale:
  • 2 letters, 9 numbers, 2 letters, 2 letters, 2 letters, 2 letters, 2 letters, 2 letters (e.g. AA123456789AA).

TCS Pakistan

TCS is a Pakistani dispatch and logistics organization. TCS is pleased to be Pakistan’s quickest computerized value-based printing office having one office in Karachi and the other in Lahore.

Alongside printing, TCS offers mechanized stuffing and inclusion offices. Mail Management Solution is Pakistan’s quickest Digital Production Printing Facility in Karachi and Lahore with the ability to print more than 2.0 million impressions and 600,000 stuffing envelopes every day.

The printing office likewise permits duplex printing – empowering brisk and viable imprinting on the two sides of the paper, adequately diminishing expenses.

With digitized optical imprint readers, stuffing machines disentangle the whole printing measure, bringing about the greatest proficiency and amount. This innovation empowers TCS to print such a report, regardless of the requirement.

The TCS Print shop office in Karachi is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 ensured and the TCS Print shop office in Lahore is ISO 9001:2008 affirmed.

You can shift couriers from the United States, India, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Germany, and all over the world to Pakistan easily via TCS.


TCS is the most confided name for conveying a wide scope of bundle and bundle benefits alongside delivery and following arrangements inside the UAE. Their administrations are designed keeping in mind the UAE. Their most valuable resource – the term ‘TCS KARDO’ has been skilled to them by the individuals of Pakistan as a declaration of their friendship and TRUST.

It is by conveying this trust each and every day, come no matter what, in the course of recent many years that they have turned into the nation’s co-ordinations spine conveying a variety of administrations to organizations and customers the same.

They presently promise to enhance their administrations through a mix of enthusiasm and new advances pointed toward improving the efficiency of their customers, while streamlining and improving the regular daily existences of their shoppers.

Also, they will broaden their Air and Ground Logistics Services past the outskirts opening new shipping lanes formed by the arising provincial chances, to the advantage of Pakistan.

Courier Shipments

Track messenger gives an online programmed worldwide positioning framework to follow TCS Courier shipments. We can follow the current status of the bundle as opposed to visiting the messenger area or calling client assistance focus. Contact data for TCS Courier is given here to different urban communities.

The data incorporates telephone numbers, email addresses, and office addresses also. Contact information for TCS courier:

CityContact NumbersAddress
Peshawar(091) 528586029 The Mall Rd, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Karachi111-123-456Iqbal Avenue, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-75202
Lahore(042) 3575502858-D/1 Sir Syed Rd, Block D1 Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab
Islamabad(051) 111 123 456Near Fizaia Colony Islamabad Highway، Service Rd W, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46330

TCS After Shipment

TCS tracking after shipment gets the insightful following information in one spot to determine conveyance episodes quicker.

  • Increment consumer loyalty
  • Significant experiences
  • Streamline client assistance

Give the best post-buy insight to drive client reliability and extra deals.

  • Increment brand mindfulness
  • Drive post-buy commitment
  • Increment rehash clients

Keep drawing in clients through consistent post-buy interchanges

  • Gain client trust
  • Increment conveyance rate
  • Direct people to your site

Associate After Ship with different applications effectively, including Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce.

  • Consistent joining with transporters
  • Spare improvement cost
  • Versatile APIs


This API permits clients to follow orders booked with TCS.

  • Solicitation boundary names must be effectively spelled.
  • Information boundary esteems are not case delicate.
  • Membership must be made to API items prior to beginning the mix.
  • Purchasers can utilize their Reference Numbers rather than CN.

Check More: TCS Tracking By Reference Number

TCS Tracking Complaint

These basic advances are:

  • Open Google play store and compose TCS
  • Snap on the “TCS following” application.
  • Snap-on introduces
  • Open it
  • Enter your “TCS following reference number”
  • Snap “On target”
  • You will get the status of your package

Airways Tracking

TCS is giving the office of following the shipments liberated from cost. The client doesn’t need to go to the TCS office to follow the package, it is refreshed while sitting at home.

There are numerous approaches to following the shipment. How about we clarify them so it will be simple to follow the shipment that suits you?TCS is serving for a long time for Pakistani individuals. TCS is additionally accommodating visa offices to its clients.

This office is named “Visatronix”. TCS is functioning as an outsider among you and the government office.TCS Visatronix is giving visa offices to Canada, Malaysia, Belgium, India, Spain VISA, and Italy. In any case, it isn’t giving the office the visa of the UK, USA, UAE, Dubai, or Qatar.

TCS has additionally consented to an arrangement with Daraz.Pk in 2016. Daraz is the main web-based business webpage in Pakistan. At the point when you go to the TCS office and book your shipment or package, they give you a receipt. The following number will assist you with following your package. To follow your TCS bundle online follow these means.

  • Note your Tracking number from the TCS receipt
  • Snap here
  • Paste your following number
  • Snap-on Track
  • Done

Delivery Times

Clearing shipments via customs usually takes 1–5 business days. However, some objects, especially those that are uncommon or valuable, are held by authorities for a longer time.

Box Sizes

Red Box, Domestic, Variety of packages with additional attention to detail. Domestically, Economically, Reliable service at a low cost, with a KPI of 48 hours or more.

TCS Pakistan offers a one-of-a-kind Red Box service in addition to normal courier services. This service is accessible at discounted rates in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and the Far East. The following varied weights are available for Red Box Service:

  • 1 kilo
  • 2 kilos
  • 5 kilos
  • 20 kilos
  • 25 kilos

Cargo Rates

Within the city, items weighing between 2kg and 5kg are charged Rs. 200. Within the city, packages weighing between 5kg and 25kg are charged Rs. 250.

The cost is determined by the type of cargo, mode of transport (truck, ship, rail, or airplane), cargo weight, and distance to the delivery location.

TCS Courier Price List

The charges offered by TCS Cargo are really affordable. For instance, the starting pricing for TCS Parcel Rapid is Rs. 250 for a delivery of 1 kg. For a 500 kilogram consignment, TCS logistics company costs begin at Rs. 1000.

Send Some Day Express Rate List

WeightPriceEach Addl.0.5 KGDestination
Up to 1 KGRs. 90 to 150Rs. 35Within City
Up to 1 KGRs. 350 to 400Rs. 7City to City

Send Extra Special Express Rate List

WeightPriceEach Addl.0.5 KGDestination
Up to 1 KGRs. 150  to 200Rs. 45Within City
Up to 1 KGRs. 400  to 450Rs. 80City to City

Send Over Night Express Rate List

WeightPriceEach Addl.0.5 KGDestination
Up to 0.5 KGRs. 50  to 60Rs. 40Within City
0.6-1 KGRs. 70  to 80Rs. 40Within City
Up to 0.5 KGRs. 55Rs. 50Same Zone
0.6-1 KGRs. 80Rs. 50Same Zone
Up to 0.5 KGRs. 100Rs. 60Different  Zone
0.6-1 KGRs. 14Rs. 60Different  Zone

In City TCS Red Box Courier Price List

2 KGRS. 87
5 KGRS. 161
Add KG for 2KG & 5KGRS. 30
10 KGRS. 204
25 KGRS. 300
Addl KG for 10KG & 25KGRS. 20

In City Same Zone TCS Red Box Courier Price List

2 KGRS. 126
5 KGRS. 213
Addl KG for 2KG & 5KGRS. 50
10 KGRS. 300
25 KGRS. 350
Addl KG for 10KG & 25KGRS. 30

Outside Of City TCS Red Box Courier Price List

2 KGRS. 152
5 KGRS. 326
Addl KG for 2KG & 5KGRS. 80
10 KGRS. 517
25 KGRS. 935
Addl KG for 10KG & 25KGRS. 50

Send Second Day Express Courier Rate List

WeightPriceEach Addl.0.5 KGDestination
Up to 3 KGRs. 200  to 260Rs. 70Within City

Send Third Day Overland Express Courier Rate List

WeightPriceEach Addl.0.5 KGDestination
Up to 10 KGRs. 300  to 380Rs. 70Within City

Pakistan to Dubai Send TCS Courier Rates

Send CourierPakistan to Dubai
Up to Half KGWithin 13.71 Dollars
In Addition to Half a KG2.42 Dollar
Up to First KGIn 16 Dollar
In Addition to the Next Half KG3.23 Dollar

Dubai to Pakistan Send TCS Courier Rate

Send CourierDubai to Pakistan
For Half KGWithin 14.52 Dollars
In Addition to Half KG4.84 Dollar
Up to First KGIn 24.19 Dollar
In Addition to the Next Half KG4.84 Dollar

Charges for TCS Couriers Between Pakistan Towards the USA

If you really need to order a delivery man, TCS offers delivery companies in Pakistan. You can use these services to deliver your packages from Pakistan to the USA or from the USA to Pakistan.

1 to 2 KG15 Dollar
2  to 5  KG25 Dollar
5  to 10 KG35 Dollar
10  to 20 KG50 Dollar
20 KG100

Services of TCS

TCS offers the following services,

Domestic Express

TCS has 6000 plus vehicles being tracked by satellites. Domestic delivery by TCS provides its customers with a broad range of worthwhile shipping solutions within the country.

Services offered by domestic express are,


Delivers in daylight and makes overnight connections in more than ninety percent of locations.

Red Box

It has a variety of courier boxes with extra care.


Provides genuine services at affordable rates.


Delivers parcels with extra care and protection.

Speedy delivery

It delivers within the same day too and urgent shipments can be done.

Time Conscious

Delivers parcels within the estimated time.

On Holidays

Delivers on Sundays or other national holidays as well.

By Hand

Protects all kinds of parcels and delivers them by hand to the recipient.

Selling and Submission

Beneficial for students to submit and receive forms from educational institutions through TCS-EC.

Collection of Fee

Reliable for university students and job seekers to collect and pay the fee.

Attestation Services

Offers attestation services for MOFA, HEC, and UAE.

My return

Offers shipper to pay return service charges at the origin.

Delivery of Heavyweight

TCS provides a wide range of choices for the import and export of heavy shipments.

It is done through domestic delivery too.

The following services are provided for the delivery of heavyweight,

  • LC
  • Trade EX
  • Home Movers
  • OLE

Mail Management System (MMS)

TCS provides the whole printing solution regarding data receiving, designing, and formatting as required by customers. It has Pakistan’s fastest digital transactional printing facility. TCS has its mail management solution facility in both Lahore and Karachi and has the capacity to print over two million impressions and stuffing of six hundred thousand envelopes per day.

Using digitized optical mark readers the efficiency and quantity of stuffing envelopes and simplifying the entire printing process.

Here is the list of services provided through the mail management system

  • Printing
  • Auto-mated stuffing
  • Acquirement
  • Custom-built solutions
  • Confirmation of circulars delivery solution
  • Management of mail room
  • Bulk shipment distributions
  • Management of bulk mail management
  • Delivery
  • Information circular of CNIC expiry
  • Delivery services of debit or credit card

Tracking Tools

Recently TCS has introduced an advancement in the system through which tracking numbers and websites will be sent to the receivers of parcels.

E-Retail Portal

All updated statuses of the shipment can be fetched through the E-retail portal and websites. It will help the E-retail customers to get their parcels tracked and monitored in an easy way.

API Integration

Customers can share tracking information with their collectors to keep them in contact with their orders via this technology.

TCS Express and Logistics Tracking

A reputable and great courier organization consistently supplies its conveyance arrangements locally and worldwide. There are a couple of exceptionally mandatory courier suppliers that individuals consistently need to become from the courier organization.

At whatever point you’re attempting to locate the incredible courier organization, you should follow the accompanying administrations from the courier organization to get on-time transport. A phenomenal cross-country courier organization consistently supplies relentless conveyance to its clients for an extended time.

At the point when they give the group; they make a phone for the adaptation of their conveyance subject to the private data of the client.

A couple of the organizations are incredibly quick in pack conveyance which makes them more successful according to their customers. TCS express and logistic tracking give all these administrations to their customers.

TCS Domestic Tracking

Parcel Monitor makes the TCS following cycle straightforward and easy for their clients. All is to simply enter the following number and it will get the ongoing update of the neighborhood or worldwide shipments. By entering the TCS bundle ID it will get to the main track status in no time.

TCS is additionally benefiting from this cycle by encouraging its clients. With TCS, you have a scope of choices for your significant fare and import weighty shipments.

We make it speedy and simple to discover precisely how to prepare your shipment, followed, and observed. With the biggest retail network in the nation and a solid fleet of 600+ satellite followed vehicles; Domestic Express offers its clients a scope of savvy delivering arrangements inside Pakistan.

DomesticStandardDelivery in day light, connecting more than 90% destination on overnight.
DomesticRed BoxVariety of boxes with extra care.
DomesticEconomyReliable service at economical rates, with KPI 48 hours plus.
DomesticMehfoozDelivery of valuables with extra protection.
DomesticSpeedyDelivery of extremely urgent shipments, same day delivery.
DomesticTime ChoiceDelivery of valuables with extra protection at selected time.
DomesticSunday / HolidayDelivery on Sunday/Holiday at designated location.

Tracking Digits

TCS is great with regard to serving its clients. It is likewise giving numerous strategies to follow the shipment. It’s upon customers what direction they need to embrace to follow their shipment.

A few people think that it’s hard to follow their shipment through mail or on the web. TCS has now presented a framework that will consequently send the following numbers and following URLs to the collectors so it may zero in additional business.

E-Retail clients can bring a refreshed status of the entirety of their shipments through the E-Retail Portal and site. Clients can screen all shipments on the way and exhort over specific shipments. Truth be told, through API Integration, clients can impart the following to their proctors to keep them tuned in on their requests.

For further information, please call 111-123-456 So for those individuals, TCS gives the following subtleties of their shipment.

The following is a step-by-step manual for following the shipment by means of SMS.

  • Open the message application
  • Compose the “following number”
  • Send this message to +923332177168
  • One will get insights regarding their shipment

TCS Company Status (Active)

TCS is the leading courier company in Pakistan and is trusted by its customers.

It has, nine hundred and seventy (970) plus express centers, four thousand and five hundred (4500) plus fleets, two thousand and five hundred (2500) plus service locations, two hundred and twenty (220) plus countries across the world, has done over one hundred and fifty (150) million deliveries by now, and has over fifteen million plus consumer touch points.


1- What is the tracking number of TCS?

The tracking number is composed of your receipt. In the event that you have lost the TCS receipt, at that point contact TCS authorities for help.

There are sources of TCS in roughly all the significant urban areas of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Quetta, and so forth you can likewise visit them.

TCS clients can likewise look over an accessible hour-long space for conveyance within five days of booking and can likewise get a discount if the shipment isn’t conveyed on schedule.

You can call them at 111-123-456 and in the event that you need to email them, at that point email them at [email protected].

2- How long does TCS take to deliver?

TCS clients can likewise look over an accessible hour-long space for conveyance within five days of booking and can likewise get a discount if the shipment isn’t conveyed on schedule.

3- Is TCS reliable?

TCS is viewed as the best, least expensive, and most believed courier organization in Pakistan conveying locally and globally. TCS spreads over in excess of 220 nations covering around 3,500+ objections around the world.

4- Is TCS working on Sunday?

No TCS doesn’t convey on Sunday, in light of the fact that there has official leave on this day.

5- Can TCS pick me up from home?

TCS is outstanding amongst other courier organizations in Pakistan. It additionally cares very much about its clients. Furthermore, as yet working in this pandemic to keep the graceful line open for fundamental things.

Simply call TCS at 111-123-456 or WhatsApp at +92 0316-1123456 and TCS will take care of it for their clients.

6- What does in transit mean by TCS?

If the tracking status is “In Transit” it implies that it is headed to the last objective. The package truth is told needs to be through the various parts of the transporter’s organization prior to being conveyed to the beneficiary.

In the event, that the tracking status is “Deferred” it implies that unanticipated occasions of a strategic sort have happened and that the conveyance date will presumably be delayed. In the next few days, the transporter will refresh the shipment following.

7- How much Revenue is generated by TCS company?

TCS express generated 83.3k dollars in revenue per employee. The Estate annual revenue of the company is five to twenty-five million dollars while the number of estate employees is hundred (100) to two hundred and fifty (250).

TCS Express Helpline Contact Numbers

Major Cities Service Center, Express Center of TCS Courier and their helpline, Complaints, Contact numbers, office addresses, email addresses, Postal Codes are mentioned below:

CityContact NumbersEmailsPostal CodesTCS Express Center Address
Toba Tek Singh (Allama Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Alfarooq RoadToba Tek Singh
Faisalabad (PMC Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Masjid Ismail RoadShop No. 7Near Honda Chenab Showroom
Karachi (F.B. Area Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. A/3/2Nighat SquareBlock – 7
Lahore (PIA Road Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000341-DPIA RoadChaudhay Chowk
Multan (Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000985/BTareen RoadMultan
Peshawar (Gulbahar Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Hussain ChowkNear Technical CollegeGulbahar Colony
Rawalpindi (Gulzar-e-Quaid Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Ground FloorAl Kausar Plaza
Rawalpindi (Raja Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000AA-748Hamilton RoadNear MCB Bank
Jhelum (Sohawa)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Near Bank Of PunjabTehsil SohwaDistrict Jhelum
Sukkur (Minara Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Islamic CenterMinara RoadSukkur
Sadiqabad (Sadiqabad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Friends Mobile ShopJamal Din Wali PullSadiqabad
Ghotki (Ghotki Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Ghota HospitalGhotki
TCS helpline / complaint numbers

About TCS Courier

TCS (Tranzum Courier Services) Courier is a top Leading Pakistani courier service company. TCS was founded in 1983. Tcs headquarters are in Karachi and Lahore. They started their setup in Pakistan from 12 Stations and Got 25 Packets on its First Day.

TCS Courier Services

TCS is providing bundle of services all across in Pakistan, and After Contract with USPS, They also extend their network all across in World.
The Top of the Services they are providing are Domestic Delivery, Heavy Weight Delivery, Warehousing and Distribution, TCS Cargo Services, International Services, E-com Solutions, Travel Visa and Study Document attestation Services and Major is Cash on Delivery Shipments.

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