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TCS Express Helpline Contact Numbers

Major Cities Service Center, Express Center of TCS Courier and their helpline, Complaints, Contact numbers, office addresses, email addresses, Postal Codes are mentioned below:

CityContact NumbersEmailsPostal CodesTCS Express Center Address
Toba Tek Singh (Allama Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Alfarooq RoadToba Tek Singh
Toba Tek Singh (Rajana)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Makkah MobileMain Toba RoadRajana
Sumandri (Faisalabad Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Muhallah SharifabadSheikhawala BastiFaisalabad
Sumandri (Murid Wala)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Munna Mobile Center & PrintingMurid Wala
Sumandri (Mamun Kanjan)+92 3169992870[email protected]m.pk00000Main City RoadTehsil TandlianwalaMamun Kanjan
Sumandri (Dijkot)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Dijkot Bus StopMain BazarNear Data Mobile
Shorkot (Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000CB-498Rafiqui ChowkShorkot Cantt. Shorkort
Shorkot (City Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Aukaf MarketNear Bus StandShorkot
Shorkot (Lari Adda)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Bank Of PunjabLari AddaShorkot
Shahkot (Khurrianwala Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 707Khilot No. 1029Khrrianwals
Shahkot (Shahkot Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Opposite Govt. Elementary School No. 3Nankana RoadShahkot
Shahkot (Adda Jhol )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Bismillah MarketSheikhupuraFaisalabad
Sargodha (Khushab Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Khushab RoadBlock No. 7Sargodha
Sargodha (Kutchery Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]0000051Old Civil LinesKutchery Road
Sargodha (Eid Gah Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Block No. 18Eid Gah RoadSargodha
Sargodha (47 Adda Opp. Dawoo Terminal Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Pir Muhammad ColonyUniversity RoadOpposite Daewoo Terminal
Sargodha (Education Board Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Opposite Secondary Board49-TailFaisalabad Road
Sargodha (Satellite Town Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 143Old Satellite TownBlock-A
Sargodha (Isa Khel)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near 1122 OfficeMain AddaIsa Khel
Sargodha (Lalian)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Chaman BrotherJamia Masjid RoadLalian
Sargodha (Sahiwal – Sargodha)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000KarkhanaTehsil SahiwalDistrict Sargodha
Sargodha (Sillanwali)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Railway RoadAdjacent Gulzar-e-Madina MosqueSillanwali
Sargodha (Sial More)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Mushtaq Book DepotMain BazarSial More
Sargodha (Shahpur )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Jail RoadSaddarShahpur
Rabwah (Aqsa Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 243614Darul Rehman Sharqi
Peer Mahal (Pir Mehal Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Plot No. 54 – 55Rajna RoadPeer Mahal
Peer Mahal (Sandilianwali)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Abdul Hakeem RoadNear Noshahi HospitalSandiliawali
Mianwali (Opposite Obaid Noor Hospital Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Saeed Akhter Khan PlazaMianwali
Mianwali (Balo Khel Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Askari BankBank StreetBalo Khel Road
Mianwali (Talagang Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Talagand RoadNear Central JailMianwali
Mianwali (Iskandarabad)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Iskandarabad MarketNear Utility StoreMianwali
Mianwali (Kamar Mushani)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shadi Khel PlazaBannu RoadKamar Mushani
Mianwali (Lakki Marwat)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Qasim News AgencyMain Lari Adda
Mianwali (Piplan)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Telenor FranchiseGallah MandiPiplan
Mianwali (Wan Bhachran)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Khalid MarketNear GPOWan Bhachran
Mianwali (Paikhel )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000New BazarOpposite Thana CityNear MCB Bank
Mianwali (Kalabagh )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Railway BridgeAhmed PlazaBasement Shop No. 1
Mianwali (Chashma )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Chahsma MoreOpposite Chashma ColonyChashma
Mianwali (Kundian )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Bus standnear Sabzi MandiKundian
Mianwali (Hafizwala )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Adda HafizwalaTehsil PiplanDistrict Mianwali
Mianwali (Trag )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Naya SaweraNear HBL BankTrag
Jouharabad (Nurpur Thal)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Zahoor Trunk HouseKashmir ChowkNurpur Thal
Jouharabad (Noshera )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Iqra ComputerNoushera
Jhang (Yousaf Shah Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000P-9843469Yousaf Shah
Jhang (Toba Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Mohallah SamanabadToba RoadSaddar
Jhang (Satellite Town Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Main Satellite Town RoadNear Alqudoos General StoreJhang
Jhang (Ahmedpur Sial)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Meo ChowkAhmedpur Sial
Jhang (18-Hazari)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000PO Wasu AstanaTehsil 18-Hazari
Jhang (Bhawana)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Old Lari AddaGirls College RoadBhawana
Jhang (Garh More)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Al-Nadeem Mobiles & PhotostateGarh More
Jhang (Rodu Sultan )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Life Photostate & Printing ServiceRodu Sultan
Jhang (Naya Lahore)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Main AddaOpposite MCB BankNew Lahore
Jauharabad (Civil Line Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]0000026-ACivil LineJauharabad
Jauharabad (Khushab)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Mohallah Islam PuraNear Eid Gah RoadKhushab
Jauharabad (Quaidabad )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Zafar ElectronicsGalla MandiQuaidabad
Jaranwala (Jaranwala Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Nia BazarJaranwala
Jaranwala (More Khunda )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Main Lahore RoadNear Allied BankMore Khunda
Jaranwala (Bucheki )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near HBL LahoreJaranwala RoadTor Market
Gojra (Gojra Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Main Painsra RoadGojra
Gojra (Mongi Bangla )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Abdullah GardenNear Civil HospitalMongi Bangla
Faisalabad (Harrianwala Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000270 -BHarrianwala ChowkNear Shaukat Fabrics
Faisalabad (Chenab Square Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Chenab ChowkNear Government UniversityFaisalabad
Faisalabad (Millat Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Plot No. 358-AGulistan ColonyFaisalabad
Faisalabad (Clock Tower Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000P. No. 6/1Karkhana BazarClock Tower
Faisalabad (Madina Town Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000P-981Main Susan RoadNear Faizan-e-Madina
Faisalabad (Ghulam Muhammad Abad Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 1460/BCivil QuartersGhulam Muhammad Abad
Faisalabad (Factory Area Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 28Factory AreaSitara Plaza
Faisalabad (D-Typle Colony Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 1671/BD-Type ColonyFaisalabad
Faisalabad (Koh-i-Noor City Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 15Sitara Institute PlazaOpposite Mediacom City
Faisalabad (Raja Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Property No. 507-BPeoples Colony No. 2Raja Chowk
Faisalabad (Shahdab More Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Saifabad Chungi No. 12Jhang RoadFaisalabad
Faisalabad (Nishatabad Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 11-12Sheikhupura RoadSteam Power
Faisalabad (Saleemi Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000580-BMain Satiana RoadSaleemi Chowk
Faisalabad (PMC Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Masjid Ismail RoadShop No. 7Near Honda Chenab Showroom
Faisalabad (Jinnah Colony Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000P-532Street No. 1Gowind Pura
Faisalabad (Jamia Chishtia Lari Adda Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 1 & 2Jamia Chistia ChowkSarghoda Road
Faisalabad (Samanabad Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Plot No. 675-AMain Samanabad RoadSamanabad
Faisalabad (Jaranwala Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Rehman MarketNear Meezan Bank
Faisalabad (Mukuana)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Makuana Bypass ChowkOpposite Karachi SweetJaranwala Road
Faisalabad (Aminpur Banglow)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Dubai Mobile AminpurBangla
Faisalabad (Chak Jhumra)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Main Mochi BazarChak Jhumra
Faisalabad (Narwala Bangla)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Tariq CommunicationsAmin Pur RoadNarwala Bangla
Faisalabad (Painsra)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Jhang RoadWahid MarketDoctor Faqeer Hussain Wali
Faisalabad (Satiana Bangla)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000United Franchise & Co.Near UBLSatiana Bangla
Faisalabad (Sangla Hill)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Ciruclar RoadHouse No. 17/30Sangla Hill
Faisalabad (Tandlianwala )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Quaid-e-Azam RoadNear Post OfficeNear Lari Adda
Faisalabad (Airport Chowk)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000The Zone Photostate & StudioAirport ChowkJhang Road
Faisalabad (Sadhar Adda)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Taj Rehmani TravelsJhang RoadAdda Sadhar
Dera Ismail Khan (Circular Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000South Circular RoadNear Shell Petrol PumpDera Ismail Khan
Dera Ismail Khan (Bannu Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Bannu RoadKashmir ChowkDera Ismail Khan
Dera Ismail Khan (Pahar Pur)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Lari AddaNear GPOPahar Pur
Dera Ismail Khan (Tank)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Madina MarketTraffic PointTank
Dera Ismail Khan (Wana )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Bakht Alam MarketShop No. 10Main Bazar
Chiniot (Mohallah Garha Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Near Fire Brigade OfficeChiniot
Chiniot (Pindi Bhatian)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000HNo. 276/12Street No. 9Mohalah Hassan Pura
Chiniot (Tehsil Chowk )+92 3169992870custome[email protected]00000Tehsil ChowkOpposite DC OfficeJhang Road
Bhalwal (Liaqat Shaheed Road Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000sBhalwal
Bhalwal (Bhera)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Azeem MobileOutside ChakwalaBhera
Bhalwal (Kot Momin)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Ali Discount ShopChanab BazaKot Momin
Bhalwal (Phularwan)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Abdullah MobileRailway RoadPhularwan
Bhakkar (Furniture Market Express Center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Furniture MarketBhakkar
Bhakkar (Darya Khan)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Al Karim CenterNear Punjab BankDarya Khan
Bhakkar (Dullewala)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Bus StopDullewalaBhakkar
Bhakkar (Jandanwala)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Bukhari RoadJandanwala
Bhakkar (Kaloor Kot)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Hamdard Brother Books CenterKaloor Kot
Bhakkar (Kotla Jam )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Girls High SchoolOpposite Kohawar TownKotla Jam
Bhakkar (Panj Girain)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Near Lari AddaMain RoadPanj Girain
Bhakkar (36 Chowk )+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Aulakh MobileOpposite UBL Bank36 Chowk
Bhakkar (College Road Bhakkar Express center)+92 3169992870[email protected]00000Ramzan PlazaCollege RoadBhakkar
Wazirabad (Wazirabad Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Nadra OfficeWazirabad
Wazirabad (Ghakhar)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Bank Of PunjabGhakkar
Sialkot (Khadim Ali Road Main Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near MCBKhadim Ali Road BranchSialkot
Sialkot (Kutchery Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near FBR OfficeSialkot
Sialkot (Rangpura Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Zaiqa FoodRungpura ChowkSialkot
Sialkot (Paris Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near GPOOpposite Askari BankParis Road
Sialkot (Capital Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Leather Field IndusrtySialkot
Sialkot (Hajipura Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Ehsan SportsSialkot
Sialkot (Kashmir Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Master TileKashmir RoadSialkot
Sialkot (Shahabpura Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Taq CargoSialkot
Sialkot (Sialkot Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Jamia Masjid Al KauserSialkot Cantt.Silakot
Sialkot (Gohadpur Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Dr. Frig SurgicalGohad PurSialkot
Sialkot (PRR Road Express Center )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Habib Metro BankShahab RoadSialkot
Sialkot (Sambrial)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Makki MasjidRasool PuraSambrial
Pasroor (Pasrur Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Old Nadra OfficePasrur
Pasroor (Chawinda)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near HBLChawinda
Pahrianwali (Pahrianwali)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Lasoori Kalan TehsilPhailia RoadPaharianwali
Narowal (Narowal Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Noman MasjidNarowal
Narowal (Shakar Garh)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Rehmani MasjidShakargarh
Narowal (Zafarwal )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Admore Petrol PumpNRL RoadZafarwal
Mir Pur Azad Kashmir (Mirpur Express Center )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Ghazi MasjidMirpur Azad Jammu Kashmir
Mir Pur Azad Kashmir (Kotli Road Express Center )+92 3169992866cust[email protected]00000Opp Statelife BuildingMir Pur Azad Jammu Kashmir
Mir Pur Azad Kashmir (Chak Sawari)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Sandal Shopping MallChakswari
Mir Pur Azad Kashmir (Jatlan )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Kund JeriDistrict BhimberAzad Jammu Kashmir
Mandi Bahauddin (Alvi Chowk Express Center )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Askari BankAlvi ChowkMandi Bahauddin
Mandi Bahauddin (Phalia Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside MCBPhalia RoadMandi Bahauddin
Mandi Bahauddin (Malakwal)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Purani Ghalla MandiMalakwal
Mandi Bahauddin (Hospital Road)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Hospital RoadNear LandabazarMandi Bahauddin
Lalamusa (Lalamusa Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Chaudhry PlazaRailway RoadLalamusa
Kharian (Kharian Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Telenor OfficeGT RoadKharian
Kharian (Dinga)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Fawara ChowkDinga DisgrictKharian
Kharian (Kharian Cantt.)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside CMHCantt. Kharian
Kharian (GT Road Kharian)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Telenor FranchiseMain GT RoadOpposite Lahore Bus Stand
Kamoke (Kamoke Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Basement Askari BankGT RoadKamoke
Jhelum (GTS Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Raza BakersGTS ChowkJhelum
Jhelum (G.T. Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Jadda MoreNear Al Noor MasjidJhelum
Hafizabad (Hafizabad Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near MCBRail BazarHafizabad
Hafizabad (Jalal Pur Bhattian Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Ghalla MandiJalal Pur BhattianHafizabad
Gujrat (G.T. Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Faisal Hotel Gujrat
Gujrat (Kutchery Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Stadium Kutchery ChowkGujrat
Gujrat (Gujrat Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Royal FanGT RoadGujrat
Gujrat (Bhimber)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Insight Model CollegeBhimber
Gujrat (Dolat Nagar)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Bus StandDolat Nagar
Gujrat (Jalalpur Jattan)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite NBPJalalpur Jattan
Gujrat (Kotla)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Langrial ChowkKotla
Gujrat (Mangowal)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Bus StandMangowal
Gujrat (Barnala A.K)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000City CenterBarnala
Gujranwala (Sialkot Road Satellite Town Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite KutcheryButta CenterGujranwala
Gujranwala (Gujranwala Cantt. Express Center )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Rachna CNG StationCantt.Gujranwala
Gujranwala (G.T. Road Express Center )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Ice Tech & PizzaCottage Trust PlazaGujranwala
Gujranwala (Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside HBLSheranwala BranchGT Road
Gujranwala (New Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Jamia Azizia & Super AsiaGT RoadGujranwala
Gujranwala (Guj Road Hafizabad Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000GUJ RoadNear Zari Traqati bankHZD
Gujranwala (Chan Da Qila Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Gourmet BakersChan Da QilaGujranwala
Gujranwala (Crown Cinema Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Rehan MasjidCrown Cinema ChowkGujranwala
Gujranwala (Main GT Road Rahwali Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Rah Wali GateGujranwala
Gujranwala (Model Town Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Jinnah HospitalModel TownGujranwala
Gujranwala (Sheikhupura Road Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near MCB BranchSheikhupura RoadGujranwala
Gujranwala (Timber Market Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Ghanta GharBeside ThanaGujranwala
Gujranwala (People Colony Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Zain BakeryPeople ColonyGujranwala
Gujranwala (Farid Town Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Bakes & WellFarid Town ChowkGujranwala
Gujranwala (Sialkot Bypass Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Opposite Rescue 1122Sialkot By PassGujranwala
Gujranwala (Kalaskay )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Govt. Girls High SchoolKalaskay
Gujranwala (Nowshera Virkan)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near NBPNowshera Virkan
Gujranwala (Qila Dedar Singh)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near Zong & Ufone FranchiseQila Didar Singh
Gujranwala (Sarhang Market)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Shop 2Haji CorporationBuraq Market
Dina (Dina Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside MCBDina
Dina (Mangla Main Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Check Post 01Mangla CanttMangla
Daska (Daska Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Beside Zong Main BranchDKA BypassDaska
Daska (Mundekey Chowk Daska )+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Mundekey ChowkDaska
Ali Pur Chatha (Ali Pur Chattah Express Center)+92 3169992866[email protected]00000Near HBLAlipur Chattah
Umerkot (Umerkot Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Jakhra MarketAllah Wala ChowkUmerkot
Thatta (Thatta Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Opposite Nadra OfficeNational RoadThatta
Tharo Shah (Tharo Shah Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main RoadNear Bank Al-HabibOpposite Shalimar Bus Stop
Tando Muhammad Khan (Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Al-Fateh ChowkAdjacent Habib BankStation Road
Tando Jam (Tando Jam Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main Bus StopWork Shop RoadTando Jam
Tando Allahyar (Tando Allahyar Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Main Bus StopNear National Bank
Tando Adam (Tando Adam Express Center)+92 3169993026customercare[email protected]00000City Guest HouseOpposite Gulshan-e-SiddiquiIqbal Road
Sujawal (Sujawal Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Agency OfficeState Life InsuranceSujawal
Sinjhoro (Sinjhoro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Mian MarketNear UBLMain Road
Shahpur Chakkar (Shahpur Chakkar Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000New ColonyNear Ghosia MasjidShahpur Chakar
Shahdadpur (Shahdadpur Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 03Memon PlazaNear UBL Bank
Sehwan (Sehwan Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Burdi MuhallahSehwan Sharif
Sanghar (Sanghar Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Bait-ul-Fazal BuildingM.A. Jinnah Road
Samaro (Samaro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Bilal CommunicationMain Road SamaroOpposite Zarai Traqqiati Bank
Sakrand (Sakrand Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 16Police Line Shopping CenterSakrand
Qazi Ahmed (Qazi Ahmed Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000New Sherazi PIA AgencyMain Bus StopQazi Ahmed
Pacca Chang (Pacca Chang Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main BazarPacca Chang
Nosheroferoz (Nausheroferoz Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 01Syed Barkat Shah Shopping CenterOpposite NBP
New Saeedabad (New Saeedabad Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000House No. B-363Near New Daak KhanaHala
New Jatoi (New Jatoi Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main RoadTaulka MoroNew Jatoi
Nawabshah (Nawabshah Road Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Sumera PalaceHospital RoadNawabshah
Nawabshah (Katchery Road Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Al-Sajjad Shopping CenterOld Shiraz Chowk
Nausheroferoz (Bhiria Road Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Menu CentreAdnan Photo StudioShop No. 16
Nagarparkar (Nagarparkar Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Jeo Lucky Photo StudioNagarparkar
Moro (Moro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000BypassMoro
Mithi (Mithi Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Kashmir ChowkMithi
Mirwah Gorchani (Mirwah Gorchani Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Idrees Kiryana Merchant StoreMain MarketNear Bus Stop
Mirpur Sakro (Mirpur Sakro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Arain Brothers CommunicationMain BazarMirpur Sakro
Mirpur Khas (Mirpur Khas Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 07Shabana Lodge HotelStation Road
Matyari (Matyari Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No.1 Main Bus Stop RoadNear SBL
Matli (Matli Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Badin RoadNear Civil Hospital RoadMunicipal Shopping Center
Kunri (Kunri Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Haji Nizamuddin & SonsPhota RoadKunri
Kot Ghulam Muhammad (Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Tariq Mobile ShopMain RoadNear Nishat Cinema
Khipro (Khipro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Sher Muhammad Lashari Stamp VendorShaheed ChowkKhipro
Kandyaro (Kandyaro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main BazarNear NBPCivil Hospital Road
Kandiari (Kandiari Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Zohaib Raja Mobile ShopMain RoadOpposite MCB
Johi (Johi Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Majeed ColonyButh MuhallahJohi
Jhudo (Jhudo Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Usman ComplexJhudo City
Islamkot (Islamkot Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main MarketNear Thar City Gate HotelIslamkot
Hyderabad (Agriculture Express Center)+92 3169993026cus[email protected]00000Shop No. 12Agricultural ComplexHyderabad
Hyderabad (Al Noor Heights Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 02Al Noor HeightsJamshoro Road
Hyderabad (Qasimabad Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Riaz LuxuriesNear Caltex Petrol PumpMain Qasimabad Road
Hyderabad (Market Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 26Jacob RoadTilak Incline
Hyderabad (Latifabad Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 01Bismillah ManzilUnit No. 07
Hyderabad (Auto Bhan Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Autobhan RoadNear Women Police StationHyderabad
Hyderabad (Area Office Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Autobhan RoadNear Toyota Motors Site AreaHyderabad
Hyderabad (High Court Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Session High CourtSindh Bar CouncilHyderabad
Hyderabad (Fatima Heights Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 12Fatima HeightsSaddar
Hyderabad (GMB Colony Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Opposite NBPGMB Colony
Hyderabad (Chandani Chowk Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Chandani ChowkNear HBL BranchSatellite Town
Hyderabad (Alamdar Chowk Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Hashim GalaxyAlamdar Chowk
Hyderabad (Latifabad No. 9 Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Near A Section Police StationMain Airport Road
Hyderabad (Kotri Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 1 Opposite Civil HospitalNear PTCL ExchangeKotri
Hyderabad (Jamshoro Phattak Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000LUMHS Shopping CenterJamshoro
Hyderabad (Jamshoro Society Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Plot A-15Shop No. 2SUECHS Phase 1
Hyderabad (Makli)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Near Jamia MasjidMakli MarketOpposite Water Tank
Hyderabad (Qila Chowk Tando Allahyar)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Main Qila ChowkNear Bilal MasjidPolice Station
Hala (Hala Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Opposite S.I Govt. Degree CollegeDargah RoadHala
Gharo (Gharo Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Haider CommunicationMain MarketNear Taxi Stand
Dour (Dour Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shahi BazarStation RoadDour
Digri (Digri Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Tayyab ConfectionaryMirwah RoadNear Muhammadi Chowk
Daulatpur (Daulatpur Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Madni Cold Corner & CommunicationDaulatpur
Dadu (Dadu Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Buxal Khan Mallah Shopping CenterShop No. 1Opposite Govt. Girls College
Chor Cantt (Chor Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Habib BankNear Chor Cantt. RoadChor Cantt.
Chamber (Chamber Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Gulshan-e-Iqbal ColonyPO Chamber
Chachro (Chachro Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Near NBPMain Bus StopChachro
Bhitshah (Bhitshah Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Opposite Govt. Rest HouseNear Radio StationBhitshah
Bhiria City (Bhiria City Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Nisar Mobile CommunicationOpposite MCBMain Road
Bhan Saeedabad (Bhan Saeedabad Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Opposite Press ClubNear Dr. Abdul Nabi Memon ClinicBhan Saeedabad
Badin (Badin Express Center)+92 3169993026[email protected]00000Shop No. 04-05Nasim City CenterOpposite United Hotel
Zaida (Zaida)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Sagar PhotostateMadina MarketMain Bazar
Wah Cantt. (Aslam Market Express center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 1/37Behind HBLAslam Market
Wah Cantt. (Lala Rukh Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 13Cantt. Board MarketThe Mall
Wah Cantt. (New City Phase 2)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 6 Golden Square PlazaE-Block Major RoadNew City Phase 2
Taxila (Taxila Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Opposite ABLNear Kaly Wala PulMain GT Road
Tarnawa (Tarnawa)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Sufyan MobilesMain Bus StopTarnawa
Swabi (Swabi Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Dildar PlazaMardan Road
Swabi (Yar Hussain)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Sadiq Medical StoreMain BazarYar Hussain
Shewa Adda (Shewa Adda Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Mardan RoadOpposite UBL BankMain Chowk
Rawalpindi (Ghouri Town Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Plot No. C-42Ghouri TownPhase 5-A
Rawalpindi (Kurri Road Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000New MallBahria Enclave RoadChak Shehzad Road
Mansehra (Oghi)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Aziz Je CommunicationAl Fakhar PlazaTauheed Road
Mansehra (Battagram)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Mobile LinkerMain BazarNear UBL
Mansehra (Besham)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shahjee Super MartGilgit RoadMain Bazar
Kamra (Kamra Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 53Mini PlazaQutba More
Islamabad (G-9 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop 2Ground FloorLaraib Plaza
Islamabad (Abpara Market Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shakeel Express BuildingKhayaban-e-SoharwardiAabpara
Islamabad (China Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop 22Hajvery MansionChina Chowk
Islamabad (G-8 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop 7Ground FloorExecutive Complex
Islamabad (Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Plot No. 394-APothohar RoadNear Police Station
Islamabad (F-10 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop 3 & 4Amanat PlazaF-10 Markaz
Islamabad (F-7 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Flat  6-ABlock 12-CJinnah Super Market
Islamabad (F-8 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop  8-ARoyal Inn PlazaF-8 Markaz
Islamabad (G-10 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop No. 45Ground FloorSharjah Centre
Islamabad (G-11 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Lower BasementIslamabad Arcade
Islamabad (Umer Plaza Blue Area Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Office No. 8Mezzanine FloorUmer Plaza
Islamabad (G-15 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Ittehad CenterNear Meezan Bank
Islamabad (E-11 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 8Lower Ground FloorMadina Arcade
Islamabad (F-6 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Qamar Ul Islam ComplexF-6 MarkazIslamabad
Islamabad (I-10 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Basement No. 3Rehmat PlazaSohni Road
Islamabad (I-8 Markaz Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 15Plot No. 24Executive Center
Islamabad (G-13 Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Taha ArcadeG-13/1
Hattar (Khursheed Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Khusheed PlazaNear MCB BankIndustrial Estate
Hassan Abdal (Hassan Abdal Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Opposite Raja Buss StandAbbottabad MoreHassan Abdal
Haripur (Haripur Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Italian PlazaYahya HospitalMain GT Road
Haripur (Akbar Ayub Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Akbar Ayub PlazaNear UBLMain GT Road
Haripur (Sheran Wala Gate)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Bilal PlazaNear Zong FranchiseMain Sheranwala Gate Chowk
Haripur (Khalabat)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Plot No. 151Sector No. 1Chowk Sydaan
Bara kahu (Bara Kahu Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Khaabi PlazaGround FloorNear MBL
Attock (Attock City Express Center)+92 3169992881[email protected]00000Shop B-144Committee ChowkNear Bank Al Habib
Abbottabad (Jinnah Road Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Near Kaghan CafeJinnah Road
Abbottabad (Yousaf Jamal Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Yousaf Jamal PlazaMain Mansehra RoadAbbottabad
Abbottabad (Umer Market Abbottabad )+92 3169992691[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Umer MarketMansehra Road
Karachi (Amber Tower Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop 22-AAmber TowerPECHS
Karachi (Bangalore Town Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Banglore TownPECHSOpposite Awami Markez
Karachi (Clifton Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 5 – 6Saqib ArcadeBlock – 7
Karachi (Falak Naz Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. G.2Ground FloorFlaknaz Plaza
Karachi (Defence Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 81 – CMain Korangi RoadPhase – 2 Extension
Karachi (Head Office Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000101-104CAA Club RoadNear Hajj Terminal – 3
Karachi (Bahadurabad Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Plot 24KCHS Area
Karachi (Nursery Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Humaira CentreNear Blue Ribbon BakeryKarachi
Karachi (MMS Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]0000037 – E Block – 6PECHS
Karachi (Tauheed Commercial Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Plot 16 – C26Th Street
Karachi (Malir Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 180S-13 Cantt BazarMalir Cantonement
Karachi (Shamsheer Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Main Khadda MarketKarachi
Karachi (Tariq Road Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Plot No. 172 / J2Mateen Shoping GalleryTariq Road
Karachi (Ittehad Flagship Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]0000015-CLane 10Phase 6
Karachi (Korangi Crossing Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 15Scheme No. 7Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Masjid
Karachi (Korangi Industrial Area/Vita Chowrangi)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No 1Plot LS – 1Sector – 17
Karachi (Korangi Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Jamia Masjid RazaKorangi No. 4
Karachi (Brooks Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Plot No. LS – 2 Street 3/1Sector – 15Korangi
Karachi (Malir Court Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000G – 14Al – Raza Mobile City SquareNew Malir City
Karachi (Quaidabad/Dawood Chowrangi)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. C – 4 – ARaja Khel MarketMain Dawood Chowrangi
Karachi (Gulshan-e-Hadeed Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Haq Baho Shopping CenterGulshan-e-Hadeed
Karachi (Badar Commercial Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Plot No. 38 – CStreet 10
Karachi (SMCHS Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 17Muhammad Bin Qasim MasjidBlock – A
Karachi (Boat Basin Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Plot No. 10 – CLane No. 4Sehar Commercial
Karachi (Seher Commercial Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Plot No C-25CMain Khayaban-e-Seher
Karachi (M. Ali Society Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]m.pk00000Shop No. 26 Anam PridePlot No. A/22 KCHS Block 7/8Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Off. Shahrah-e-Faisal
Karachi (Jail Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Zaheerun-Nisa ArcadeMain Jail Chowrangi
Karachi (Columbus Tower/Teen Talwar Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. G-4Columbus TowerNear PSO Petrol Pump
Karachi (Khyaban-e-Shahbaz Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Plot No. 19 -CShop No – 3Lane – 2 Khayaban-e-Shahbaz Commercial
Karachi (Phase – I Defence Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 506Defence Garden ApartmentsBlock – 38
Karachi (Model Colony Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Liaquat Ali Khan RoadOpposite Student Biryani
Karachi (Khudadad Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 16Society Apartment Block – 2PECHS, Main Shahrah-e-Quaideen
Karachi (Mehmoodabad Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Plot No. PB 2Block No. 7
Karachi (Sabzi Mandi Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Business ArcadeOpposite Askari Park
Karachi (Punjab Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Ground FloorNational Square
Karachi (Kaala Board Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Plot No. 32/216Near Nehal Hospital
Karachi (Dhorajee Society Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Arfat ArcadeNear Masjid Kibria
Karachi (Defence Phase-4 Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Plot # 58, 10th Comm, StreetDHA Phase IV (Behind MCB Bank)
Karachi (Babar Market Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Shop No. 07KDA QuarterArea 4-A
Karachi (Zamzama Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Plot 22-C/1Lane – 3
Karachi (Gulshan-E-Hadeed Phase II)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000B-69Phase-IIGulshan-e-Hadeed
Karachi (Bilawal House Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. G – 19Corniche ResidencyOpposite Bilawal House
Karachi (Bhains Colony Express Center)+92 3169993027[email protected]00000Main National HighwayJogi MoreBin Qasim
Karachi (Khalid Bin Waleed Road Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000E-89Block 2PECHS
Karachi (PIB Colony Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Plot No. 289Main Road
Karachi (Chota Bukhari Express Center)+92 3169992885[email protected]00000Plot No. 19-CStreet-2Commercial Lane
Karachi (Gulshan Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 32Haider PlazaBlock – 5
Karachi (Gulistan-E-Johar Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 19Saima ClassicMain Johar More
Karachi (Hydri Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. B-13Al Bohran CircleBlock-B
Karachi (Gulshan-E-Iqbal Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Shelozon CenterBlock-15
Karachi (Meena Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Nadeem Shoping CenterMeena BazarKarachi
Karachi (Orangi Town Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Banaras TownSector 8Orangi Town
Karachi (S.I.T.E Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Site Shopping CentreManghopir Road
Karachi (Truck Stand Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Gate No 6Quaid-e-Azam Truck StandHawks Bay Road
Karachi (Art Council Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. G-1/AGround FloorCourt View Appartment
Karachi (New QM House Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000TCS Area Office – WestElendar RoadOff I.I.Chundrigar Road
Karachi (Badri Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 27Badri BuldingNear C.P.O
Karachi (Metropole Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Lotia Building No. 2Club Road
Karachi (Cantt Cargo Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 1 & 2Plot No. 33Street No. Cl-8
Karachi (Memon Masjid Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 11New Memon MasjidM.A.Jinnah Road
Karachi (Garden West Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Saify BuildingOpposite KMC Zoo
Karachi (Gurumandir Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No.1Parakh ApartmentPlot No. 924
Karachi (Jodia Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 16-ANoorani Center543 Admjee Dawood Road
Karachi (Saddar Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 9Opposite GPO Cooperative MarketKarachi
Karachi (Light House Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Opel BuildingLight House
Karachi (Gul Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No.10Gul PlazaM.A.Jinnah Road
Karachi (I.I.Chundrigar Road Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 49 / 59Uni PlazaI.I.Chundrigar Road
Karachi (West Wharf Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 24Ware House AreaWest Wharf Road
Karachi (City Court Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000City CourtKarachi
Karachi (Five Star Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Street – 2 Shop – 7Florence GardenNear 5 Star Chowrangi
Karachi (Liaqutabad Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Plot No. 25Row 1C1 Area
Karachi (Johar Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. W5Eastern PrideBlock 15
Karachi (Gulshan-E-Maymar Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 02A – 36 Sector – Z2 Near Welcome Store
Karachi (Ancholi Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000C-28Yousuf PlazaBlock – 16
Karachi (Gol Market Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Plot No. 12/13Chishti HeightShop No. 2
Karachi (Mashriq Center Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Noman ArcadeBlock – 14
Karachi (Buffer Zone Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 09Scheme – 24Rays Centre
Karachi (Abul Hasan Isphani Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 19Haroon CenterMain Abul Hasan Isphani Road
Karachi (Baldia Town)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Plot No. 130 Sector 5-JMain 24 Ki Market
Karachi (F.B. Area Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. A/3/2Nighat SquareBlock – 7
Karachi (Godhra Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Plot – 8Block No. 1Sector 11 – F
Karachi (Mosmiat Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 8Dashtiyar ApartmentMain University Road
Karachi (Golimar Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Plot No. K-30Chatta Gown ColonyManghopir Road
Karachi (Gulshan-E-Iqbal 13-D Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000L-151Block 13-DGulshan-e-Iqbal
Karachi (Shershah Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000E – 671M – IIHabib Building
Karachi (U.P More Exress Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. D – 81 Iqbal PlazaPlot No. Fl-30Sector 11 – C – 1
Karachi (Bilal Town/Power House Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. B – 12Sherton PrideSector 5 – I
Karachi (Nazimabad Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Sir Syed Urdu BazarNazimabad No. 1
Karachi (Karachi University Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Bell ArcadeUniversity Road
Karachi (Metrovile Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Metro Shopping MallMain Metroville RoadSite
Karachi (Haroon Naval Colony Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Crescent Public School BuildingHaroon Bahria Naval ColonyKarachi
Karachi (Paposh Nagar Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Plot No. 13/25C
Karachi (Saforah Chowrangi Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 21Arif ArcadeSaforah Chowrangi
Karachi (Erum Shopping Emporium Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. A -34Erum Shopping EmporiumPhase II
Karachi (Orangi Town No. 5 Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Plot No. LS-22Sector 12-LOrangi Town
Karachi (Dalmia Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Street No. 3National Stadium Road
Karachi (Banoria Town Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Plot No. C2/A29Near Binoria Restaurant SiteKarachi
Karachi (Lyari Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Plot No. 8Survey No. LY – 12Shop No. 7 Sheedy Village Road
Karachi (Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Business PlazaFrere MarketShop No. 8
Karachi (Rainbow Center Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000B-32New Katrik MarketBehind Rainbow Centre
Karachi (Electronic Market Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. G-124Al Najeebi Electronic BazarKarachi
Karachi (Lasbela Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 50Shama CentreMain Lasbela Chowk
Karachi (Custom House Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Iqbal Poona Wala BuildingOpposite Custom House
Karachi (Lucky Star Express Center)+92 3169992876[email protected]00000Shop No. 8Rafique PlazaMain Lucky Star
Karachi (Kiamari Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Saba HeightsNear Jackson MarketKiamari
Karachi (M. A. Jinnah Road/Radio Pakistan)+92 3169992914[email protected]000005 Malkani MansionMain M.A Jinnah RoadKarachi
Karachi (Paper Market Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. K-S/258Allah Bakht Effendi ManzilShahrah-e-Liaqat
Karachi (Denso Hall Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Trade TowerAltaf Hussain Road
Karachi (Medicine Market Express Center)+92 3169992914[email protected]00000Medicine MarketKarachi
Karachi (Gujjar Nala Express Center)+92 3169992911[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Near Baloch HotelLiaquatabad
Sheikhupura (Lahore Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000TCS Station OfficeLahore Sheikhupura RoadSheikhupura
Sheikhupura (Railway Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Railway RoadOpposite HBLSheikhupura
Sheikhupura (Nabipura Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Main Stop NabipuraNear Punjab Food AuthoritySargodha Road
Sheikhupura (Bhatti Chowk Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Near Bhatti ChowkSheikhupura
Lahore (Gulberg Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000058/D-1Gulberg- IIILahore
Lahore (Davis Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]0000023-ADavis RoadLahore
Lahore (Muridkey Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000TCS Branch OfficeMohallah AhmedpurMuridkey
Lahore (Begum Kot Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Main ChowkBegum KotSheikhupura Road
Lahore (Jain Mandir Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]000006 – Mouj Darya RoadLahore
Lahore (Temple Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Temple RoadSaffanwala ChowkLahore
Lahore (Shahdara Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Madni CenterShahdara MoreLahore
Lahore (Yadgar Chowk Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Ashiq Hussain BuildingYadgar Chowk (Minar-e-Pakistan)
Lahore (Imamia Colony Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Bhatti PlazaNear Government Shahdara HospitalImamia Colony
Lahore (Lakshmi Chowk Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]om.pk00000Lakshmi ChowkMcleod RoadLahore
Lahore (Hall Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000G-2 Mukkarma CenterHall RoadNear Waqas Biryani
Lahore (Mall Road Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Diyal Singh Mansion57 – The MallLahore
Lahore (Shadbagh Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Chowk NakhudaOpposite National HospitalShadbagh
Lahore (Shah Alam Market Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Near Sabil Wali MasjidShah Alam ChowkLahore
Lahore (Circular Road Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Malwada ComplexCircular RoadOpposite Yakki Gate
Lahore (Bank Square Express Center )+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Sarwar BuildingNear MCB BankBank Square
Lahore (Defence Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Shop 1Shalimar MarketMian Boulevard DHA
Lahore (Defence Y-Block Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Shop U/G 24Commercial Plaza Gol MarketY Block
Lahore (Airport Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000TCS OfficeCargo Area AirportLahore
Lahore (Nishter Colony Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Plot No.1Shahzad Park19-Km Main Ferozepur Road
Lahore (Harbanspura Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Main Canal RoadTaj Bagh PullHarbanspura
Lahore (Garhi Shahu Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]0000065- Main Allama Iqbal RoadGarhi ShahuLahore
Lahore (Baghbanpura Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000143GT RoadNear Post Office
Lahore (Zarar Shaheed Road Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]000003G StoreZarar Shaheed RoadNear Jorry Pull
Lahore (Infantry Road Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Fahad Plaza3 Infantry Road
Lahore (G.T Road Daroghay Wala Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000325- GT RoadOpposite Green CNG StationCollege Stop
Lahore (Lalpul Mughalpura Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Lal PullMughal PuraNear Gourmet Bakers
Lahore (Barki Road Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Barki RoadLahore
Lahore (Saddar Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Saddar BazarLahore
Lahore (Batapur Express Center)+92 3169992898[email protected]00000Bata PurNear Manawan Police StationLahore
Lahore (Cantt Board Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Suite No. 3Cantt Board PlazaAdjacent To The Mall Of Lahore
Lahore (Ghazi Road Devine Center Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000GF-13Devine CenterAirport Road
Lahore (Walton Road Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Shop 4Tufail MarketMian Walton Road
Lahore (Nishat Colony Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Faisal Ghuman RoadOpposite Garrison Cadet CollegeNishat Colony
Lahore (Ghazi Road Shaukat Town Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Shop 56Mian Ghazi RoadNear Shaukat Town
Lahore (Bedian Road Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Jammo StopMain Bedian RoadLahore
Lahore (H-Block DHA Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]00000Commercial MarketNear Shezan RestaurantH – Block DHA
Lahore (T Block DHA Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]0000057-CCA Phase IINear Dogar RestaurantOpposite T Block Mosque
Lahore (Cavellary Ground Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992972[email protected]0000065- Commercial ZoneAdjacent To Agfa PointCavalry Ground
Raiwind (Raiwind Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Near Honda ShowroomSunder RoadRaiwind
Pattoki (Chunian Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Main Chunian RoadPattoki
Pattoki (Pattoki Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Main Multan RoadNear HBLPattoki
Lahore (Chauburji Area Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]pk00000Multan RoadNear Green BulidingChauburji
Lahore (Allama Iqbal Town Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 08Reliance PlazaNear Post Office
Lahore (Lyric Cinema Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000099 Multan RoadNear Lyric CinemaBastami Road
Lahore (Raja Center Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 22 G Raja CenterMain Market Gulberg – IILahore
Lahore (Karim Block Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 12GSultana ArcadeKareem Block
Lahore (Gulshan-E-Ravi Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000053 Urdu NagarGulfishan ColonyMain Gulshan-e-Ravi Road
Lahore (Niazi Adda Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Mehmood Market59/B
Lahore (Corporation Chowk Express Center )+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Corporation ChowkNear Shell Petrol PumpOutfall Road
Lahore (New Garden Town Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000030 – CGarden BlockRaja Market
Lahore (Pekhawala More Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000010 Asif BlockMain BoulevardAllama Iqbal Town
Lahore (Liaquat Chowk Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 18-GIqbal Center Civic CenterNear PSO Petrol Pump
Lahore (Chistian Market Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000029 Sanda RoadIslampuraLahore
Lahore (Lower Mall Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000042/A-Lower MallLahore
Lahore (Wahdat Road Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. G-8Khawaja ArcadeWahdat Road
Lahore (Mozang Chungi Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000052-G Sanam ArcadeMozang Chungi
Lahore (Hafeez Center Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000066-B4Th FloorGulberg III
Lahore (Canal Road/Thokkar Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]000009 – West Wood ColonyCanal RoadNear Metro Cash & Carry
Lahore (Awan Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Abdullah CenterAwan Town
Lahore (Garden Town Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 43-44Center PlazaBarket Market
Lahore (Ichhra Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Shop No. 45-AMain Ferozpur RoadIchhra
Lahore (Township Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Moulana Shaukat Ali RoadMochi Pura StopTownship
Lahore (Model Town Central Park Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Plot No.1Block BModel Town
Lahore (Thokar Niaz Baig Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Ali Town StopNear HBLRaiwind Road
Lahore (H-Block Johar Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Office No. 1Zam Zam MallH3 Block
Lahore (H-Block Model Town Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]0000019 Murtaza BuildingNear Ittefaq HospitalH-Block
Lahore (Hamdard Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Plot No. 397Sector A-1Near Nursery Stop
Lahore (Samanabad Poonch Road Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Poonch RoadSamanabadNear National Bank of Pakistan
Lahore (Firdous Market Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Firdous MarketNear Gourmet BakersLahore
Lahore (Wapda Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Shop No. 3194 Iqbal Avenue Housing SocietyNear Alfateh Departmental Store
Lahore (College Road Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Plot 36 Block 2Sector C2 Butt ChowkCollege Road Township
Lahore (Model Town M-Block Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000M BlockModel Town ExtensionLahore
Lahore (Valancia Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]0000025-A1Commercial AreaNear Gate No. 2
Lahore (Allah Ho Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000411 – E Shop No. 11Ali Hajvery Market Main BoulevardAllah Ho Chowk Near Latif Hospital & BFC
Lahore (Bagrian Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Plot No. 414Block 6Sector C2
Lahore (Dr. Hospital Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Plot No. 10Block GOpposite G1 Market
Lahore (PIA Road Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000341-DPIA RoadChaudhay Chowk
Lahore (Dubai Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Dubai TownRaiwind RoadLahore
Lahore (Bahria Town Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Plaza No. 158-ACommercial AreaSector-C Talwaar Chowk
Lahore (Shadewal Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Office No-3 Ground FloorPak Way Plaza Plot 26Block-N
Lahore (EME Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Shop 8-CCommercial MarketCanal City
Lahore (Naseerabad Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Main Ferozpur RoadNaseerabadLahore
Lahore (Gurumangat Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Workshop ChowkGurumangat RoadOpposite Akram Tikka Shop
Lahore (Shahkam Chowk Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Shahkam Chowkcanal bank roadNear Meezan Bank
Lahore (Jati Umrah Express Center)+92 3215548429[email protected]00000Adda PlotRaiwind RoadNear PSO Pump
Lahore (Peco Road Kot Lakhpat Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Khursheed PlazaPeco RoadKot Lakhpat
Kasur (Kasur Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Branch OfficeMain RoadNear Kutchery
Bhaipheru (Manga Mandi Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Haji ParkManga Mandi Bypass(Phool Nagar) Bhaipheru
Bhaipheru (Bhaipheru Express Center)+92 3169993191[email protected]00000Main Bazar(Phool Nagar) Bhaipheru
Yazman (Yazman)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No.2Old Hospital RoadOpposite Bank Alfalah
Vehari (Vehari Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]0000041/2 Club RoadVehari
Vehari (Khanewal Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Main Khanewal ChowkVehari
Vehari (Link Jinnah Road/New Ghalla Mandi Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]0000033/BKarkhana BazarOpposite Bhatti Hotel
Tail Wala (Tail Wala)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Chahat Mobile CenterMain BazarTailwala
Shujaabad (Shujaabad)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Mobilink FranchiseShujaabad
Sanawan (Sanawan)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Kot Addu RoadSanawan
Sahiwal (Jail Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]0000079-CCanal ColonyFarid Town Road
Sahiwal (Mission Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Mission HospitalSir Syed RoadSahiwal
Sahiwal (Main Bypass Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Main Bypass ChowkSahiwal
RJP (Rao Khadim Market)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Darbar Road Near Ufone franchiseKot Mithan
Renala Khurd (Renala Khurd)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000GT RoadRenala Khurd
Rajanpur (Rajanpur Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite HMC DistribitionZia Shaheed RoadRajanpur
Rajanpur (Mazari Market Rajanpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Rao CommunicationMazari MarketRajanpur
Qaboola (Qaboola)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Outside Grain MarketEid Gah RoadQaboola
Pakpattan (Pakpattan Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000College RoadNear Waseela BankPakpattan
Okara Cantt. (Okara Cantt.)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Cantonment Board MarketCivil AreaNear GPO
Okara (Ravi Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite MCB Main BranchRavi RoadOkara
Okara (GT Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite Satluj Girls High SchoolMain GT RoadOkara
Okara (Faisalabad Road)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Rehmatullah TownMain Faislabad TownOkara
Noorpur (Noorpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Sahiwal RoadNoorpur
Muzaffargarh (Muzaffargarh Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Jhang RoadNear JS BankMuzaffargarh
Multan (Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000985/BTareen RoadMultan
Multan (Qazafi Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Bank Of PunjabQazafi ChowkMultan
Multan (Gulgasht Express Center Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]0000054-BGulgasht ColonyOpposite Trend Store
Multan (Bosan Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 11Rahman PlazaBosan Road
Multan (Chowk Rashidabad Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 9City PlazaKhanewal Road
Multan (MDA Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 29Bamazai PlazaNear Mobilink Franchise
Multan (Chungi No.1 Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Chowk Chungi No. 1Suragmiani RoadMultan
Multan (Bahauddin Zakariya University Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Students CenterNear HBL
Multan (Mall Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 13Dubai Plaza Mall RoadCantt.
Multan (Garden Town Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Al – Hussain PlazaNear Zanbiya School
Multan (Ghalla Mandi Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Al Janat MarketChowk Shahbaz
Multan (Nishtar Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Fatima TowerNishter ChowkMultan
Multan (Trust Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 4/A Upper Ground FloorTrust Plaza Opposite PTCL ExchangeLMQ Road
Multan (Chowk Shah Rukn-e-Alam Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 207 – DMain MarketStreet No. 7
Multan (Naz Cinema Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Naz CinemaOpposite Zafar DairyNear Double Phatak
Multan (Bahawalpur Bypass Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 79Ali Commercial CentreBahawalpur ByPass Chowk
Multan (Mumtazabad Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. A-1Hamid Commercial CentreMumtazabad
Multan (Gulshan Market Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Ali PlazaOpposite Madni ParkGulshan Market
Mubarak Pur (Mubarakpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000New Mission Zari ServicesMain BazarMubarakpur
Minchinabad (Minchinabad)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Khalid Kitab GharMinchinabad
Mian Channu (Mian Channu Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite UBL BankMian Channu
Mehmood Kot (Mehmood Kot Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Bank Al-HabibQasba GujranwalaMehmood Kot
Mailsi (Mailsi Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 62Colony RoadMailsi
Lodhran (Lodhran Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Multan RoadOpposite UBL BankLodhran
Lodhran (Super Chowk)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Pallya Wala Mouza Sumra Ada PermitLodhran
Layyah (Layyah Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Tariq SweetsChoubara RoadLayyah
Kot Chutta (Kot Chutta )+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Jampur RoadKot Chutta
Kot Addu (Kot Addu Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000GT RoadKot Addu
Khanqah Sharif (Khanqah Sharif)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shahab PullNear Al- Saudia Foundation Khanqa SahrifDistrict Bahawalpur
Khanewal (Khanewal Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]000005-BHakimabad Civil LineNear Dr.Zafar Laser Eye Clinic
Khanewal (Post Office Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Ibrahim CenterGirls College Chowk
Khairpur Tamewali (Khairpur Tamewali)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Hasilpur RoadOpposite Cooperative BankKhairpur Tamewali
Kasowal (Kasowal)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Talha ComputersKasowal
Karor Lal Esan (Karor Lal Esan)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Usman Printing PointNear Govt. High School No. 01Karor Lal Esan
Kamalia (Kamalia Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Old Lari AddaShop No. 2Chichawatni Road
Kahror Pakka (Kahror Pakka Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 7TMA PlazaBehind HBL
Kacha Kho (Kacha Kho)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Main BazarNear Railway PathakNear Utility Store
Kabirwala (Kabirwala Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite NBPKhanewal RoadKabirwala
Jatoi (Jatoi)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Yameen General StoreNear HBLJatoi
Jampur (Jampur Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Dera Road Near UBLJampur
Jampur (Jampur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Kulachi MarketMain Road
Jalalpur Pirwala (Jalalpur Pirwala)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Al- Karam CentreJalalpur Pirwala
Jahanian (Jahanian)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Pull 14 RoadJahanian
Hujra Shah Muqeem (Hujra Shah Muqeem )+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite National BankHujra Shah Muqeem
Haveli Lakha (Haveli Lakha)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Canal RoadNear Jawwad AutosHaveli Lakha
Hasilpur (Hasilpur Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]0000083-CInside Baldia RoadBehind NBP Main Branch
Harrapa (Harappa)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Harrapa StationNear MCB BankHarappa
Haroonabad (Haroonabad Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Bangla RoadHaroonabad
Ghaziabad (Ghaziabad)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Naagi Computer CityAhmad Shopping MallGhaziabad
Garha More (Garha More)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Khan Baig MarketOpp MCB BankGarha More
Gaggo Mandi (Gaggo Mandi)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Beside UBL BankGaggo Mandi
Fort Abbas (Fort Abbas)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shahid Book ShopFort Abbas
Fazilpur (Fazilpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Afzal AutosRajanpur RoadFazilpur
Fatehpur (Fatehpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000MM RoadNear Yamaha AgencyChowk Fatehpur
Faqirwali (Faqirwali)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Nadra E-SahulatFaqirwali
Dharanwala (Dharanwala)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Quick PhotostateThana BazarDharanwala
Dhanot (Dhanot)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Rana Commission ShopNear Old NBP BuildingDhanot
Dera Ghazi Khan (Railway Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Block – ERailway RoadOpposite Civil Lines Police Station
Dera Ghazi Khan (Art Council Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000New Model TownOpposite Art CouncilDera Ghazi Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan (Jampur Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Plot No. 14Opposite Khosa House
Deepalpur (Deepalpur Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Joyia PlazaSuper MarketDeepalpur
Dakota (Dakota)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000High Selection Departmental StoreMain BazarAdda Dakota
Dajal (Dajal)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Chowk Parpar WalaHarrand RoadOpposite Dr. Khizar Hayat Clinic
Chowk Sarwar (Chowk Sarwar)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite NBPChowk Sarwar Shaheed
Chowk Azam (Chowk Azam )+92 3169992704[email protected]00000LYY Road CityChowk Azam
Chonawala (Chonawala)+92 3169992704[email protected]k00000Main 191-Murad RoadNear Oxford Grammer SchoolChonawala
Chistian (Chistian Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]000005-E TCS ChowkNear Finca BankChishtian
Chichawatni (Chichawatni Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Office Market CommitteeOpposite Tehsil CourtsGT Road
Burewala (Burewala Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000J BlockCollege RoadBurewala
Bhawalpur (Noor Mahal Bahawalpur Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Mini Al-Muhafiz MarketNoor Mahal RoadBahawalpur Cantt.
Bhawalpur (Meelad Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Main Meelad ChowkNear Meezan BankEid Gah Road
Bhawalpur (Model Town B Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Pakora ChowkModel Town BNear Ashraf Masjid
Bhawalpur (Hasilpur Road Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Sadar PullyHasilpur RoadBahawalpur
Basirpur (Basirpur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Tanver Book DepotMain BazarBasirpur
Banglow Gogera (Banglow Gogera)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Dhobi BazarFaisalabad RoadBangla Gogera
Bahawalpur (Fareed Gate Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Fareed GateBahawalpur
Bahawalpur (Model Town A Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]000004-CModel Town ARashid Minhas Road
Bahawalpur (Satellite Town)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Al-Rai Computer Center8/C Commercial AreaNear Panda Ice Bar
Bahawalnagar (Bahawalnagar Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Near Al Qureish Marriage HallChishtian RoadBahawalnagar
Arifwala (Arifwala Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Pakpattan RoadM BlockArifwala
Arifwala (Thana Bazar)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000House No. 20Block-HNear HBL J.C Branch
Alipur (Alipur)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Aiyaz MarketDSP ChowkAlipur
Ahmedpur East (Ahmadpur East Express Center)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Railway Road ChowkMunir ShaheedAhmedpur East
Adda Zakheera (Adda Zakheera)+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Al Ghani Medical StoreAdda Zakheera
Abdul Hakim (Abdul Hakim )+92 3169992704[email protected]00000Opposite U-Fone FranchiseMultan RoadAbdul Hakim
Swat (Makkan Bagh Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Shop No. 7Makan BaghChowk Saidu Road
Peshawar (Bannu Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Opposite Main Gate Bannu Medical CollegeBannu
Peshawar (Kohat Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Samand PlazaBahzadi ChakarkotBannu Road
Peshawar (Hangu Road Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Near Behram Medical CenterOpposite Company BaghHangu Road
Peshawar (Ring Road Area Office Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Ring RoadNear Neelam CNGMotorway
Peshawar (Khyber Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Hazrat Shah PlazaShoba ChowkPeshawar
Peshawar (Deans Trade Center Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Deans Trade CenterFakhre Alam RoadPeshawar Cantt.
Peshawar (Hashtnagri Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Siddique MansionMain GT RoadPeshawar
Peshawar (Hayatabad Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Phase No. 3Chowk HayatabadPeshawar
Peshawar (Mall Road Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]0000029th The MallNear Pak BakersPeshawar Cantt.
Peshawar (Saddar Road Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Opposite GPTOMain Saddar RoadPeshawar Cantt.
Peshawar (Super Market Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Khyber Super MarketNear Army FlatsPeshawar Cantt.
Peshawar (University Road Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Opposite Custom HouseMain University RoadPeshawar
Peshawar (Charsadda Road Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Afzal PlazaNear Shell Petrol PumpMain Charsadda Road
Peshawar (Chitral Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Ibad MarketGovernor Cottage Road
Peshawar (Risalpur Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Nowshehra Mardan RoadRisalpur Cantt.
Peshawar (Charsadda Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Opposite Taju Bibi CollegeNowshehra RoadCharsadda
Peshawar (Mardan Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000College ChowkMardan
Peshawar (Hakeem Abad Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main GT RoadHakeem AbadNowshehra
Peshawar (Daewoo Terminal Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Near Daewoo TerminalNowshehra Cantt.Peshawar
Peshawar (Chowk Yadgar Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Marhaba TowerNaz Cinema RoadPeshawar
Peshawar (Hangu )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main ChowkBasement Bank AlfalahHangu
Peshawar (Karak)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main RoadNear NBP BankKarak
Peshawar (Tall)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Pak News AgencyFarooq Shah MarketTall
Peshawar (Gulbahar Express Center)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Hussain ChowkNear Technical CollegeGulbahar Colony
Peshawar (Bajaur)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main Bajaur ChowkBajaur
Peshawar (Buner )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Jawad OpticoDeewana Baba RoadOpposite College Gate
Peshawar (Dargai)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Kitab MehalNadir MarketDargai Bazar
Peshawar (Jehangira)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Sadat Mobile AccessoriesShop No. 1 & 2Khyber Trade Center
Peshawar (Katlang )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Saeed Khan MarketMain BazarKatlang
Peshawar (Landi Kotal)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Adjacant Madina Housing AssociatesShinwari Topa Fatima KhelLandi Kotal
Peshawar (Shabqadar )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Khaista CommunicationsNear UBLShabqadar
Peshawar (Takht-i-Bhai)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main BazarMain Mingora RoadOpposite Police Station
Peshawar (Upper Dir)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Ijaza Photostate ServiceUrdu BazarSharqi Road
Peshawar (Wari Dir )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Amin PCOBala BazarWari Dir
Peshawar (Alpuri)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Village BasiTehsil AlpuriShangla
Peshawar (Barikot )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Pacha Khalid ParraiTehsil BarikotDistrict Swat
Peshawar (Kabal )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Village P.O & Tehsil KabalDistrict Swat
Peshawar (Chakdara )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Mohalla BalaBatkhelaDistrict Malakand
Peshawar (Madyan)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Village & P.O MadyanDistrict Swat
Peshawar (Ghalanai)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Tehsil GhalanaiMuhamand AgencyGhalanai
Peshawar (Puran)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Mohalla Usman KhelVillage BengalaiTehsil Puran
Peshawar (Tangi )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Shop No. 4Madina MarketTangi More
Peshawar (Booni )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Village BooniChitral
Peshawar (Kanju Chowk )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Waqas Super StoreKanju ChowkKabal
Peshawar (Charbagh )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main BazarCharbagh
Peshawar (Gorguri )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Qazi PlazaGorguri ChowkMain Timergarha Bazar
Peshawar (Drosh )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Near Kesu AddaDrosh
Peshawar (Munda )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Kalim Book SellerMain BazarMunda
Peshawar (Shergarh )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Shop No. 9Pakistan PlazaMain Road
Peshawar (Totakan )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Ihtiram Khan MarketMain BazarNear Zafar Petrol Pump
Peshawar (Bara )+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Adnan MarketNear HBLKhyber Agency
Peshawar (Bannu)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000BannuBannu
Peshawar (Baghdada)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Main Bughdada chowkswabi roadnear bughda poilce chowk
Peshawar (Batkhella)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Zaman Market Shop #10Main bazarNear Telephone exchange
Peshawar (Pabbi)+92 3169992890[email protected]00000Shop # 3 Aman Nagri Shopping centerMain GT RoadPabbi Bazar
Quetta (Model Town Express Center )+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Pashin StopNear Bushra ArcadeModel Town
Quetta (Hazara Town Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main Aliabad RoadHazara TownQuetta
Quetta (Jinnah Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Dr. Bano RoadMain Jinnah RoadQuetta
Quetta (Alamdar Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Jamia Amam Sadi Alamdar RoadQuetta
Quetta (PAF Base Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000PAF Base Samungli
Quetta (Shahbaz Town Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Hot & ChilliSamungli RoadQuetta
Quetta (Sariab Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Sariyab RoadOpposite Balochistan UniversityQuetta
Quetta (Satellite Town Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Dr. Zohya HospitalBlock-2Satellite Town
Quetta (Brewery Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Wahdat ColonyStop No. 03Brewery Road
Quetta (Civil Secretariat Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Civil Secretariat CafeQuetta
Quetta (Cantt. (B) Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Chiltan MarketShop No. 18Staff College Road
Quetta (Dalbandin)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Masjid RoadNear GPODalbandin
Quetta (Kuchlak)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near MCB BankMain Chaman RoadKuchlak
Quetta (Khanozai )+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarKhanozai
Quetta (Killa Saifullah)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Wasay Market Shop-7Jang Shan ChowkQuetta Road
Quetta (Loralai)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarNear Honda ShowroomLoralai
Quetta (Mastung)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Baldia MarketMasjid RoadNear Ufone Franchies
Quetta (Sibi)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Shop No. 01M.A. Jinnah RoadNear Governor House
Quetta (Khuzdar)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Mir Chakar Khan RoadNear Sabri MasjidKhuzdar
Quetta (Dukki)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarDukki
Quetta (Chaman)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Shop Np. 5Al-Saif Business ComplexTaj Road
Quetta (Kharan)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Raskoh HotelChief ChowkMain Quetta Road
Quetta (Kalat)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Arboi RoadNear NBP BankKalat
Quetta (Muslim Bagh)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarMuslim Bagh
Quetta (Zhob)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Jamia MasjidLink Sarbat Khan RoadZhob
Quetta (Harnai)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarHarnai
Quetta (Muchh)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarMuchh
Quetta (Ziarat)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Main BazarNBP BankZiayrat
Quetta (Cantt. (A) Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Jinnah Welfare MarketShop No. 06Cantt.
Quetta (Mecongi Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Nasir Ul Azha Amam BarghaMecongi RoadQuetta
Quetta (Airport Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Al Mustafa Coach SarviceAirport RoadQuetta
Quetta (Masjid Road Expess Center )+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Natha Sing StreetShop No. 05Masijd Road
Quetta (Toghi Road Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Muslimabad SchoolToghi RoadQuetta
Quetta (Nawa Killi Express Center)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Near Sabzi MandiNawa KilliQuetta
Quetta (Noshki)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000KilliGharibabadMain Bazar Noshki
Quetta (Kohlu)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000FC RoadNear FC SchoolKohlu
Pishin (Pishin)+92 3169992891[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Salauddin PlazaQazi Housing Scheme
Ternol (Ternol Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Shop No. 18Arabia Trade CenterMain GT Road
Talagang (Talagang Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Chakwal RoadOpposite Bank Of PanjabTalagang
Skardu (Tibat Market Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Tibat MarketNear Yadgaar ChowkSkardu
Sehnsa A Kashmir (Sehnsa Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Kashmir Ainak CenterNear UBLCollege Road
Rawat (Rawat Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Near AfzalElectronics Rawat
Rawalpindi (Chandni Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 6Bilal PlazaChandni Chowk
Rawalpindi (Khana Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Tcs Regional OfficeNear Fazaia ColonyLink Road
Rawalpindi (Fateh Jang Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Near Almas Medical CenterMain Pindi RoadFateh Jang
Rawalpindi (6th Road Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. B2BRoyal Center6Th Road
Rawalpindi (PWD Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Plot No. 1Main Double RoadPWD
Rawalpindi (DHA II EXPRESS CENTER )+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Ch. PlazaNear Amazon Mall
Rawalpindi (Adayala Road Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Shop No. 2Mubarak MasjidOpposite Shell Pump
Rawalpindi (BAHRIA PHASE 8 EXPRESS CENTER )+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Assets 4Rafi ComercialShaheen Chowk
Rawalpindi (Gulraiz Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Mustansar PlazaSt No. 4
Rawalpindi (Liaqat Bagh Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. J-256/BMain Murree RoadLiaquat Bagh
Rawalpindi (Saidpur Road Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Ground FloorAftab Plaza
Rawalpindi (LANE 6 EXPRESS CENTER)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Khan PlazaPeshwar Road
Rawalpindi (LALKURTI EXPRESS CENTER )+92 3169992642[email protected]00000251-BTamizuddin RoadOpposite CSD
Rawalpindi (Gulzar-e-Quaid Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 3Ground FloorAl Kausar Plaza
Rawalpindi (Raja Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000AA-748Hamilton RoadNear MCB Bank
Rawalpindi (Bahria Town Phase 4 Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 6 Lower GroundPlaza 181, Civic Center, Phase 4,Bahria Town
Rawalpindi (Sadiqabad Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shaheen PlazaShop No. 1Chirah Road
Rawalpindi (Commercial Market Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Mukhtar-un-Nisa PlazaNear Ariyana ShinwariShop No. B-576
Rawalpindi (BAHRIA PHASE 7 EXPRESS CENTER )+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Shop No. 1Mini Comercial No. 5Next To Summit Bank
Rawalpindi (Pindi Gheb Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Main Pindora ChowkPindi Gheb
Pind Dadan Khan (Pind Dadan Khan Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]pk00000Shop No. 3Iqbal MarketNear Gourmet Bakery
Khuiratta A kashmir (Khuiratta Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Ali Mobile ZoneNear NBP Main BazarKhuiratta
Khaplu (Khaplu)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Main BazarNear GPOKhaplu
Kallar Syedan (Kallar Syedan Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Chaudhry MarketPindi RoadKallar Syedan
Kallar Kahar (Kallar Kahar Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Sarwar MarketMain ChowkKallar Kahar
Jhelum (Sohawa)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Near Bank Of PunjabTehsil SohwaDistrict Jhelum
Hajira (Hajira Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Opposite Annayat BakersNear UBLMain Bazar
Gilgit (Nabi Bazar Main Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Shop No. 5Dar PlazaNabi Bazar
Gilgit (Jutial Cantt. Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000CSD Shopping ComplexNear PIA Booking OfficeJutial
Gilgit (Daynor)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Main ChowkNear Bank Al HabibDaynor
Gilgit (Gahkuch)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Musa MarketNear Soneri BankGahkuch
Dadyal (Dadyal Azad Kashmir Express Center)+92 3169992925[email protected]00000Rose PlazaShop No. 113
Chakwal (Talagang Road Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Ghalla Mandi ChowkOpposite Shell Petrol PumpTalagang Road
Chakwal (Miani Adda Express Center)+92 3169992642[email protected]00000Madni Book DepotMiani Adda
Zahir Pir (Zahir Pir)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main MarketZahir Peer
Warrah (Warrah)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarWarrah
Ubauro (Ubauro)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarUbaro
Tranda Muhammad Pannah (Tranda Muhammad Pannah)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarNear National BankTranda Muhammad Panah
Thul (Thul)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Village BahadurpurTaluka ThulDistt Jacobabad
Thehri (Thehri)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main RoadThehri
Thari Mirwah (Thari Mirwah)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Opposite Madni Masjid & Sindh LabTharri Mirwah
Tarand Sawai Khan (Tarand Sawai Khan )+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Tranda Saway,Near UBL Bank & Iqra School
Sukkur (Military Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Military RoadSukkur
Sukkur (Minara Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Islamic CenterMinara RoadSukkur
Sukkur (Clock Tower Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Clock TowerSukkur
Sukkur (Sarhad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main Bazar, Near MCB BankSarhad DistricGhotki
Sukkur (PAF BASE )+92 3169992869[email protected]00000PAF BaseShahbaz Jacobabad
Sohbatpur (Sohbatpur)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Village Abdul MajeedP.O Khair DinSohbatpur
Shikarpur (Station Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Lakhi DarStation RoadShikarpur
Shahdadkot (Koto Moto Chowk Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Koto Moto ChowkNear National BankShahdad Kot
Sukkur (Usta Muhammad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000
Sanjan Pur (Sanjan Pur)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Faisal TownSanjan Pur Tehsil SadiqabadDistrict Rahim Yar Khan
Sadiqabad (Club Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Shop No. 4 & 7Club RoadSadiqabad
Sadiqabad (Quaid-e-azam road )+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Quaid-e-Azam RoadSadiqabad
Sadiqabad (Sadiqabad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Friends Mobile ShopJamal Din Wali PullSadiqabad
Rato Dero (Rato Dero Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Sui Gas OfficeRato Dero
Rani Pur (National Highway Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Opposite Agha Khan LabNational HighwayRani Pur
Rahim Yar Khan (Chowk Pathanistan Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Adjacent To MCB And Jalandher SweetsChowk PathanistanRahim Yar Khan
Rahim Yar Khan (Abu Zehbi Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Aisha MallOpposite Khawaja Fareed CollegeAbu Zehbi Road
Rahim Yar Khan (Shahi Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Shahi RoadOpposite Honda Show RoomRahim Yar Khan
Rahim Yar Khan (Satellite Town Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Satellite TownRahim Yar Khan
Rahim Yar Khan (Chowk Bahadurpur)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Cantt. RoadChowk BahadurpurRahim Yar Khan
Radhan (Radhan)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Ghulab Photo StudioMain BazarRadhan
Piryalo (Piryalo)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Mian Shahi Bazar PiryaloNear UBL Bank
Pir Jo Goth (Pir Jo Goth)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Dargah RoadNear NBPPir Jo Goth
Pano Aqil (Cinema Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Cinema RoadNear Peer WahOpposite Finca Bank
Naudero (Naudero)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Eid Gah RoadMain RoadNaudero
Nasirabad (Nasirabad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Ali CommunicationKumbhar MarketMain Road
Mir Pur Mathelo (Benazir Market Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Benazir MarketMirpur Mathelo
Mehrabpur (Station Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Station RoadOpposite Habib Bank Near MCBMehrabpur
Mehar (Main School Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main School RoadOpposite JS BankKasai Muhalla
Madeji (Madeji)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Panhwar Shopping CenterMadeji
Machi Goth (Machi Goth)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main Market Machi GothFFC ChowkMachi Goth
Liquatpur (Abbasi Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Shop No. 12AbbasiaAbbasi Road Near NRFP Bank
Larkana (Sachal Colony Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Sachal ColonyNear Asifa Bhutto ParkLarkana
Larkana (Burghari Plaza Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Shop No. 12Burghari PlazaLarkana
Kumb (Kumb)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Kumb CityKumb
Kot Samaba (Kot Samaba)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Khizer Mobile PointChandi ChowkKot Samaba
Khanpur Mahar (Khanpur Mahar)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Punjguli ChowkDistrict GhotkiKhanpur Mahar
Khanpur (Khanpur Express Center )+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Bypass RoadShell Petrol PumpNear Taj Masjid
khan Bella (Khan Bella)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Ahmed Din Photostate ShopKhan Pur RoadKhan Bella
Khairpur Nathan Shah (Khairpur Nathan Shah)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Lutufullah StreetKhairpur Nathan Shah
Khairpur (Kutchery Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Khushhali BankKutchery RoadKhairpur
Khairpur (Khairpur Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Khakhi Shah PullFinca BankStation Road
Kashmore (Kandhkot Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Kandhkot RoadNear Moblink FranchiseKashmore
Kandhkot (Main Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main RoadKandhkot
Kamber Ali Khan (Main Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main RoadKamber Ali Khan
Jacobabad (Municipal Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Municipal RoadNear Gul ClinicShikarpur Road
Iqbal Abad (Iqbal Abad)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Moza Dera ShamasMain KLP RoadIqbal Abad
Gudu (Gudu SIS)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Kashmore roadnear gudu power plantGudu
Ghouspur (Ghouspur)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near NBPMain BazarGhouspur
Ghotki (ADBP Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near ADBP RoadGhotki
Ghotki (Ghotki Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Near Ghota HospitalGhotki
Garhi Yasin (Garhi Yasin)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarGarhi Yasin
Gambat (Gambat Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Gambat Station RoadCaltex City Petrol PumpOpposite Zarai Traqiyati Bank
Dokri (Dokri)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarDokri
Dharki (Zafar Bazar Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Zafar BazarDharki
Dera Murad Jamali (Quetta Road Express Center)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Quetta RoadDera Murad Jamali
Dera Allah Yar (Dera Allah Yar)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Al-Shahbaz General StoreMain Quetta RoadDera Allah Yar
Chundiko (Chundiko)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Bus StandNear UBL BankChundiko
Bozdar Wada (Bozdar Wada)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazaarOf Bozadar Wada
Bakrani (Bakrani)+92 3169992869[email protected]00000Main BazarBakrani
TCS helpline / complaint numbers

About TCS Courier

TCS (Tranzum Courier Services) Courier is a top Leading Pakistani courier service company. TCS was founded in 1983. Tcs headquarters are in Karachi and Lahore. They started their setup in Pakistan from 12 Stations and Got 25 Packets on its First Day.

TCS Courier Services

TCS is providing bundle of services all across in Pakistan, and After Contract with USPS, They also extend their network all across in World.
The Top of the Services they are providing are Domestic Delivery, Heavy Weight Delivery, Warehousing and Distribution, TCS Cargo Services, International Services, E-com Solutions, Travel Visa and Study Document attestation Services and Major is Cash on Delivery Shipments.

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